Stock Items Ordered Report for Magento

Recently I built a Magento module to add a new report to Magento’s reports section. The Report is based on Magento’s Products Ordered Report but lists out simple products ordered rather than their parent/super product (if they are part of a configurable product). This is more helpful if the reports are being run for stock keeping. A few extra columns are also added, such as SKU, Attribute set & Manufacture.

stock items ordered report

The Module is built using the methods outlined this Atwix blog post by building from Magento’s native functionality without the use for rewrites.


  • Download latest version here.
  • Unzip to Magento root folder.
  • Clear cache.
  • Logout from admin then login again to access the Report.


  • Go to Reports > Products > Stock Items Ordered.
  • As you would with any Magento Report, select the date range & period and click Refresh.
  • View the report or export to CSV or Excel XML.