How to Venia

While following the PWA Studio Projects progress, I have kept notes on github to help me understand how it works.

You can view my notes on them at

What you will learn:

If you follow them you will learn how to:

  1. Install and set-up a PWA Studio App.
  2. Learn about PWA Studio’s project structure.
  3. Add a static route to PWA Studio with React.
  4. Update the PWA Studio Components, such as the Footer etc.
  5. Work with React Props & propTypes.
  6. Work with CSS Modules.
  7. Work with component state and redux.
  8. Use Magento’s GraphQL API with Apollo.
    and more …

foo component

Kudos 😊

So far, it has received some attention on twitter, including from Magento’s PWA Studio team.