GeoIP Testing with Tor Browser

Most people have probably heard of the Tor Browser for anonymous & private internet browsing or even to access Darknets but I find it very useful to test website from different IPs/Countries.

The Tor browser works by moving your traffic across different Tor servers,  so it seems to a website that your traffic coming from the last node on the tor network your request came from.

You can tell the Tor browser to route your traffic out from a node of a speciffic country by edditing the torrc file, you find it from withing the tor browser folder by navigating to Tor Browser -> Data -> Tor and in “Tor” folder, you will see a file named “Torrc”. Simply add something like ExitNodes {US} to the top of this file and now your tor browser will route all your traffic as if it’s coming from the USA. To change it to a different country just change use the appropriate ISO Two Letter country code instead of US.

Happy testing 😄

On Mac OSX with Tor Broswer 6.1 the torcc file is located in ~/Library/Application\ Support/TorBrowser-Data/Tor/torrc